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Luke Drozd with Manson's Press - Lightbox

Luke Drozd with Manson's Press - Lightbox


 1 colour hand pulled screen print, reverse printed onto glass.

This collaboration between Luke Drozd and Manson’s Press has been printed onto a vintage light box.

640mm x410mm x 130mm light box.

Inspired by the opticians eye chart , this hand pulled screen print is a reproduction of the original artwork by Luke Drozd. ( )

Signed in 23ct Gold Leaf.

Note: This lightbox is in working order when leaving the studio but responsibility for continued bulb lighting is out of our hands due to the nature of the product. The Item will be wrapped and Boxed appropriately, hence the high P&P costs. This product is heavy and has no wall mounts. If wall mounting is a required we recommend contacting a professional before hanging.

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