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Canon - Cat Finnie - Janelle Monáe

Canon - Cat Finnie - Janelle Monáe


Saint Janelle of Kansas, Patron Saint of All Dirty Computers by Cat Finnie [ ]

We draw on stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things, from the mundane to to miraculous, to honour and exalt the histories and traditions that inform our work today.

Manson’s Press are proud to present:

“Canon: The art of Modern Day Icons”

An exhibition of screen prints, celebrating the pioneers, innovators and masters of the last 50 years. Those who are the creators of great art, science, entertainment and spirit that are to be recognised as the new saints for a new era in the new Canon.

The artists have chosen their additions to the list, drawing on their story and decided their patronage, to create a 400mm x 500mm 4-colour screen prints. Hand printed by Manson's Press onto 310gsm Southbank Smooth Stock.

Limited to editions of 50.

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